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DTE CODE-4274         MSBTE CODE-0769

Grievance and Redressal Committee


Grievance and redressal committee has been constituted as under the academic year 2022-2023.Students can raise their grievance directly to the grievance cell, so that appropriate redressal can be initiated.

Sr. No.Name of the MemberDesignationContact number
1Dr. Ritesh S. Bathe Chairman9860671906
2Prof. Prasad P. KathadeMember Secretary9850831203
3Mr. Krishnaraj M. PardheMember 7588549907
4Prof. Amal V. BadhkalMember 9970188865
5Mr. Ajit K. KhapneMember 9823997262
6Prof. Pooja P. KathadeMember 9850831203
7Prof. Amar D. GaikawadMember 9595558540