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Anti Ragging Committee


It is body at institutional level of Siddhivinayak College Of Pharmacy, Called Anti-Ragging committee to establish measures for prohibiting, Preventing and banning activities of ragging menace within and outside the campus in accordance with regulations, Honourable super court directive and state act .Following are the members of the committee. A.Y.2021-22

Sr. No.Name of the MemberPositionDesignationMobile No.Emai
1Dr. Ritesh S. BatheChairman Principal, Head of student counseling9860671906 riteshbathe@gmail.com
2Dr. Amol V. BadkhalMemberProfessor, Student Development 9970188865 amolbadkhal@gmail.com
3Prof. Amar D. GaikawadMemberProfessor, Student Development9595558540 drxamar2023@gmail.com
4Ms. Jija LodeMemberProfessor, Student Development 9356574772 jijalode93@gmail.com
5MS. Shatabdi V. RoyMemberB.Pharm IV year Student 9356574772 shatabdiroy2002@gmail.com
6Mr. Satyam S. HamandMemberB.Pharm III year Student 9420706696satyamhamand143@gmail.com
7Mr. Vaibhav KhiratkarMemberD.Pharm I year Student 9518976140 vaibhavdk1997@gmail.com
8Anamika KhobragadeMemberD.Pharm I year Student9588412384 rinkukhobragade1999@gmail.com
9Mr. Prasad P. kathadeMember SecretaryVice Principal, Head student counseling9850831203 svcpwarora@gmail.com