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Anti Ragging Committee


It is body at institutional level of Siddhivinayak College Of Pharmacy, Called Anti-Ragging committee to establish measures for prohibiting, Preventing and banning activities of ragging menace within and outside the campus in accordance with regulations, Honourable super court directive and state act .Following are the members of the committee. A.Y.2021-22

Sr. No.Name of the MemberPositionDesignation
1Mr. Nilesh G. Chaudhari Chairman Principal, Head of student counseling
2Mr. Pravin K. BhoyarMemberAsst. Professor
3Mr. Amol V. BadkhalMemberAssistant Professor
4Ms. Jija LodeMemberAssistant Professor
5MS. Shatabdi V. RoyMemberB.Pharm Second year Student
6Mr. Satyam S. HamandMemberB.Pharm First year Student
7Mr. Akshay G. ZileMemberD.Pharm Second year Student
8Mr. Archit S. GalandeMemberD.Pharm First year Student
9Mr. Prasad P. kathadeMember SecretaryVice Principal, Head student counseling