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Principal's Desk


Dr. Ritesh Suresh Bathe

It is my privilege to welcome you to the big family of Siddhivinayak College of Pharmacy which was established in 2006, and has been imparting Pharmacy education in rural & urban place. The institution began with a vision of educating young students to help them bring about development in themselves, their homes and society. Special emphasis is laid to explore their latent talents so that their personality filters crystal clear, imbibing in themselves the virtues of integrity, discipline, confidence and dynamism and thus emerge successful in the modern competitive world. Siddhivinayak College of Pharmacy is constantly striving to achieve high academic standards by organizing seminars, talks, conferences, symposiums and workshops for teachers, students and non-teaching staff. Blessed with a visionary leadership of the management, qualified and dedicated staff and zeal to be in step with the global educational scenario, Siddhivinayak College of Pharmacy will continue to march forward in its journey towards excellence. Our College has a rigorous curriculum and excellent student achievement. Our wonderful staff provides a personal learning environment for our students and maximizes their learning potential through the use of differentiated strategies. We are all so fortunate to be members of a team that makes the educational process a number one priority. I am privileged and honored to be a part of that team. I look forward to providing the best opportunities for our students to learn and our staff with the tools to continue their success.